Designer and Social Media Strategist

KRose Company is seeking a full-time professional to work in our newly-formed Manhattan, Montana office! The position is set to begin approximately October 1st. Hours will include approximately 40 hours per week to start

Majority of the work 60% will be website design, 20% Social media and 20% other design work.

This is an opportunity to be part of a very energetic and fast-paced team that assists top agri-businesses and livestock producers with their marketing. 


  • Applicants should have an agriculture related major field of study, a degree in agricultural or communications, or have first-hand experience in agriculture. Undergrad or grad students in ag communications or related field are also welcome to apply.

  • Experience in social media, graphic design required.

  • Experience in Adobe Suite

  • Video editing skills would be an asset.

  • WordPress experience an asset.

  • The applicant will be able to work on multiple projects, be deadline and detail-oriented, friendly, and a self-starter who can take general direction from fellow staff members then develop and implement plans at a high level of excellence.

  • Able to take direction and project critiques from account managers and clients and hold themselves accountable for delivering first-class projects for clients.

Details: Graphic Design Projects

  • The applicant will be responsible for assisting with basic graphic design projects including business cards, re-sizing ads, making edits to brochures and catalogs, and more.

  • Qualified applicants may assist with larger projects like logo design or ad design.

  • Applicant should have experience in using Photoshop and InDesign, including publication design experience or multi-page layout experience. Completion of a magazine production class is ideal.

  • Candidate will have general knowledge of typography, colors, basic design principles, resolution, and design elements.

  • Experience in WordPress, specifically how to write and post a blog, is preferred.

  • Experience in Photoshop, specifically understanding resolution and re-sizing images is preferred.

Details: Social Media Projects

  • The position will be responsible for assisting our social media director with all aspects of social media including strategy, coming up with content, scheduling posts, implementing give-a-ways, and always thinking of new ideas that can help grow our clients’ Facebook pages.

  • The majority of social media strategy will be in Facebook, second to Instagram and third Pinterest.


The salary is based on experience. Additional consideration will be given for applicants who are college graduates or those whose portfolio showcases a high level of experience in graphic design.

Company Culture:

We are a high-expectations company that believes in doing whatever it takes to best serve our clients. Our team is made up of individuals who are over-achievers, analytical geeks, and people who might wake up at 2 a.m. and think, “Wow, I just had this great idea for Client X.” This also includes replying to emails promptly even if it means sometimes it’s after hours, working in a team atmosphere, especially when deadlines need to be met. When a client books with us, every member of the team is expected to be 100% committed and dedicated to the client and their goals, and to be equally as passionate about KRose Company.

Who is a good fit:

  • Someone who loves agriculture, ranching and wildlife.

  • Someone who has possibly seen KRose Company work and thought, “It would be cool to work there!”

  • A hard worker who is detail-oriented who likes collaborating with others.

  • Someone who practices office professionalism and courtesy.

  • Someone who has good computer skills

  • Someone who is a lifelong learner, who enjoys going to workshops or conferences and is always reading or asking questions to improve their skill sets.

  • Someone who can follow the mantra, “I have no problems. I make no problems. I help solve problems.”

  • Someone who loves to go the distance and loves to close on projects.

  • Someone who is always exploring new ideas and new ways of approaching projects.

    Application Instructions:

    To Apply:

    Email and include a resume and cover letter stating why you would be a great fit for the KRose Team! Please include any relevant samples of your design experience and social media experience. Please include a video (no longer than 3 minutes) on why you would like to work for KRose Company. 

Production Sale Marketing Manager

Position Overview

You live and breathe Production Sale marketing—bull videos, social media and catalog design. The feeling after a successful sale is your jam. You’re not afraid to dig into the data and pinpoint blind spots, and you’re equally fearless in your ability to zoom out and bring big-picture goals to life.

We are looking for someone who’s experienced, highly confident in their Production Sale marketing skills, and ready to dive in headfirst and get results.

We need a marketing and project management master who knows how to juggle 1,574 moving pieces, and who understands the world of digital course launches inside and out.

The Marketing Project Manager position might be PERFECT for you if the idea of working with a fast-paced team that’s always on the leading edge and open to implementing the latest strategies excites you to no end!

Our ideal candidate doesn’t look at a Production Sale plan and just see cattle, they see potential lives changed, potential profit, and potential for growth.

Staying up to date and watching others in the space is fun for you (you probably have a swipe file that’s about to put you over your Google Drive limit). You’re a forward-thinking action-taker and continuously learning, improving, and refining your skills is a part of who you are.

We’re looking for an experienced project manager who gets the world of Production Sale Marketing. You’re confident in your ability to lead a team, delegate, and stay on top of lots of moving pieces. If you’re driven to work at a high-level with a fun lovin’ company where more growth equals more lives changed, keep reading…

This role is a full-time seasonal position starting October 1st and ending April 30th. You will report directly to our General Manager and will work closely with other key team members.

We’re not your average company — we work hard AND we also make sure our team members have plenty of freedom and flexibility to live their best lives, recharge, and have fun. 

Duties and Responsibilities

The Production Sale Marketing Manager will be working closely with the design team, social media team and the CEO to help market and run over 45 plus production sales per year. 

This position requires a high-level of responsibility and experience, as launches are one of the most important things we do!

Your responsibilities will include…

  • Taking charge and organizing sale schedules— you’ll be managing important relationships with outside contractors, including copywriters, programmers, and designers

  • Ensuring all marketing assets are aligned and consistent with our brand standards — you understand that what sets us apart isn’t just our marketing strategy, but the quality of our copy, design, and user experience

  • Working closely with other key team members, particularly the Director of Marketing, to execute the big picture vision for our Production Sale game plans

  • Always learning and implementing new skills and ideas where they make sense. You pride yourself in staying up to date with the latest digital marketing strategies and bring informed input to the marketing team

  • Finding and implementing ways to tighten up and improve our current processes.

Skills and Abilities

The ideal candidate possesses the following strengths and skills:

  • 2+ years experience in the world of digital marketing, launches, and project management

  • A love of numbers, analytics and data, and the ability to translate those metrics into tangible actions that will directly improve our results

  • The ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously — you get things done, meet deadlines and keep promises

  • Insane attention to detail and high standards when it comes to quality

  • Creative problem-solving skills and the ability to think ahead and juggle lots of projects without dropping the ball

  • Positive, flexible, solution-oriented, and excited to work with a diverse team of digital marketing pros working toward common goals

  • Mature, coachable, and happy doing high-level projects as well as mundane design tasks (there will be a mix of both!)

  • Outstanding communication skills (both written and verbal) — you have a knack for offering constructive feedback, effective delegation, and ensuring everyone is on the same page

  • Ability to create strong relationships with vendors, contractors, customers, key people from other organizations

Application Instructions:

If you’d like to be considered for this role, please submit the following via email to

  1. Cover letter and PDF of your resume

  2. A 3-minute video introduction (Please, no longer than 3 minutes!).