If you have cattle that fit the following needs please sent us a message or an email (comments get lost) with all the details including location, delivery date, and price.  

Karoline Rose can be reached at 406-577-6310 or at karoline.krosecattle@gmail.com

Lot 6

200- 300 head of fall born replacement quality angus angus black heifers ready to bred this fall.  Fancy, fancy and good.  All off one place preferably. Would be interested in bred heifers as long as they started calving now tell November 15th. 

Lot 7

Broken mouth cows, good condition located in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho or the Dakotas and Black or BWF. Bred to calved February through April.  Must have readable shields 

Lot 8


500-1000 Fancy black (no white on them at all) replacement heifer calves, will need to weigh at least 700 in November. No brand or 1 iron preferable.  In Montana, Idaho or Wyoming.  Not looking for any feeder heifers, these need to be as good as they come. 

Lot 9

150-350 good, gentle cows bred to calve March/ April.  Ages 3-7 Black/BWF.  Not looking for range cows but instead something kids can work and calve.  

Lot 10

200-300 Black Angus AI bred heifers.  Due to calve January/February located in Montana, Wyoming or Idaho.

Lot 11

1/2 load of yearling steers weighing 975-1025 ready to ship ASAP in Western/Central Montana. 

Lot 12

Calves- If you haven't sold your calves or Yearlings yet, give us a call we have buyers looking in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington and the Dakotas