KRose Cattle Company has several methods to help market your cattle. We can help producers sell cattle from full truckload lots. We have several options to help you get the best price for your calves.

You may contact us with any questions regarding the markets, buying and/or selling cattle, and the different marketing techniques we use.

For questions or interests,send us a message here

or you can call our representative:

Karoline Rose 406-577-6310

Explore Your Options

Superior Livestock

If interested in consigning your cattle to Superior Livestock Video, you may contact us by phone or email and we will respond as soon as possible. We will answer any questions you may have.

We will fill out a contract that allows you to set your own selling conditions, such as shipping date, location, weights, shrinks and slides. This allows you complete control over the selling parameters at sale time.

Then, we will come and get a few minutes of video to get a visual representation of the cattle for sale day. This easy process can be done out on the pasture with minimal work. There are no upfront consignment fees. We will then handle everything until sale day when your cattle are broadcast on the national stage with buyers across the nation bidding for your cattle.

Superior Livestock Country Page

If you are interested in listing your cattle on Superior Country page, you may set all the selling conditions and it's similar to an online auction.  The lot is posted online and then customers may bid on the cattle until the asking price is received or until you decided to take the bid. 

Private Purchase

Another option to consider would be to sell your cattle directly to KRose Cattle Company  instead of hauling calves to the auction allows you to negotiate the price that you want for your cattle.