Lot 1: 

30 First Calf Heifer Pairs

  • Half sisters out of Sitz 618x (find his impressive EPDs here)

  • They just recently calved, and have an AI Sired calf on their side

  • Both the heifers and the calves are no brand 

  • Rare opportunity to get half sisters with AI sired calves. 


Lot 2: 

  • 15 head (A complete dispersion ) of 5 and 6 year olds 

  • They start calving in May and go for 50 days. 

  • Black cows bred to good black bulls from Indreland angus and Pharo

  • Complete vaccinate program and are good easy keeping cows.

  • The toughest part of the winter is behind them, they are ready to work for you. 

  • Video available, just text us at 406-285-1907 and ask for video of lot 2 

  • Located near Dillon Montana 


Lot 3: 

  • 30-35 mixed age sound commercial bred cows

  • Bred to Calve April and May 

  • Black and Black Baldies 

  • Several coming 3’s and 4’s on up and a few 10’s and and 11’s at the top. All are in good body condition and sound feet

  • More pictures are available just text  us at 406-285-1907 and ask for pictures and price of lot 3

Contact me if interested:

Karoline Rose

For questions about adding your lot:

Karoline Rose