Lot 8

  • Black heifers with char cross calves
  • 45 head of home-raised, moderate-framed black heifers with Char cross calves A.I. Sired to Big Ben.
  • Calves are 45 days old. Heifers are gentle with very nice bags and all carry a freeze brand.
  • Calves have had a full round of shots, they have been cut with a knife, and are poured.
  • For more details please call Dennis Glanzer at 605-460-0826

Lot 9

  • 30-40 Broken Mouth pairs with 80% bull calves by their side.
  • Born in April and May. You pick from about 50 head.
  • For more information please contact Billy Fambro @ 254-396-0697
  • Located in Three Forks, MT.  

Lot 10

  • 45 head fancy Angus heifers to calve August 15. Bred to Peak Dot Unanimous and Three Forks Upshot and Rampage. 90 day calving interval.

  • Solid functional heifers, good quality udders with small tit size. Will calve, lick that calf off in a short time, and then wean off a heavy calf. This herd's steers have topped the Superior Livestock Auction time and time again.

  • Heifers where pelviced checked and track scored prior to breeding, and they have been calf OVC vaccinated. Vista Once SQ & Lepto/Vibrio poured and injected, wormed.

  • Location Brinktown, MO

  • Contact Larry Kleffner 573-578-2687


  • 30 First Calf Heifer Pairs

  • Half sisters out of Sitz 618x (find his impressive EPDs here)

  • They just recently calved, and have an AI Sired calf on their side

  • Both the heifers and the calves are no brand 

  • Rare opportunity to get half sisters with AI sired calves. 


  • 15 head (A complete dispersion ) of 5 and 6 year olds 

  • They start calving in May and go for 50 days. 

  • Black cows bred to good black bulls from Indreland angus and Pharo

  • Complete vaccinate program and are good easy keeping cows.

  • The toughest part of the winter is behind them, they are ready to work for you. 

  • Video available, just text us at 406-285-1907 and ask for video of lot 2 

  • Located near Dillon Montana 


  • 30-35 mixed age sound commercial bred cows

  • Bred to Calve April and May 

  • Black and Black Baldies 

  • Several coming 3’s and 4’s on up and a few 10’s and and 11’s at the top.
    All are in good body condition and sound feet.

  • More pictures are available just text us at 406-285-1907 and ask for pictures and price of Lot 3.


  • 650 head of replacement heifer calves off one ranch.  

  • Seeing on April 5th

  • Call for more information or to bid on them 406-285-1907 


  • 80 Red Angus pairs located in Doland, SD
  • Calves are A.I. sired by Bieber Samurai (born in January and the first part of February)
  • Calves are slick and had a 7-way shot at birth 
  • Heifers weigh 1200+
  • For more information call Dennis Glanzer at 605-460-0826

Lot 6 (SOLD)

  • Fall calving cows! 

    I have 29 fall calvers. Ages 3-7 and bulls were turned in November 9th for 45 days. They are all black. Located near Dillon. Good cows, can and will be repreg checked before delivery.



Lot 7 (SOLD)

  • 43 pairs for sale (complete dispersion), mostly 5 years old and under and consisting of 6 black pairs and 23 red Angus pairs with calves sired by 5L redemption red Angus bulls. Along with 14 red Angus first calf heifers with calves sired by Angelo red Angus bulls.
  • Calved from February 15th to April 1st.
  • Calves have not been branded/banded/worked and the cows weigh 1200 to 1350.
  • Vaccines include: pyramid 5, ultrabac 8, vira shield 6+vl5
  • Located in Saint Anthony, Idaho
  • For more information please call Bryce Adams at 208-360-7642

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Karoline Rose

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