If interested in a certain lot please either comment below, shoots us a message or call Karoline Rose at 406-577-6310.   If you would like us to list your cattle for sale email karoline.krosecattle@gmail.com

Lot 1




500-600 bred black angus cows 1/3 will be 5 years old, 1/3 will be 6 years old, 1/3 will be 7-1o years old. Complete age dispersion, great cow herd just lost some pasture and they are selling everything older than 5 that is bred this year.  Delivery around September 15th.  All cows will be on a complete shot program and bred for spring calving. Becker Angus, Hoffman Angus, Stevenson, Pine Coulee.  Feddes Herefords on the baldies.

Lot 5




50 bred cows mixed aged but all under 7.  Complete herd dispersion.  Not guaranteed that the bangs can be read but they all have been vaccinated.  They are red and black, majority red angus cows.  Start calving March for 60 days. 10 are bred heifers, 10 are 2 coming 3 and 10 are 4 years old.  Typically went calves at 700 pounds.  Located near Arco ID.  Delivery this fall.