If interested in a certain lot please either comment below, shoots us a message or call Karoline Rose at 406-577-6310.   If you would like us to list your cattle for sale email karoline.krosecattle@gmail.com

Lot 3


150-200 Bred Red Angus 2 coming 3 years olds. Delivery Middle of October. AI bred on June 10th-11th to ICE Man. Located in Eastern Montana and South Dakota.

Find video here! 

Lot 7


20-25 head of 5 coming 6 year old (a few 6 coming 7) bred Angus cows. Start Calving March 15th of 50 days. Bred to Oxbox and Fairview Angus bulls. Located near Big Timber Montana. 

Rambur Charolais offering bred Charlois heifers, cows, yearling heifers and 18 month old bulls with option of buying bull calves back in their upcoming Drought Reduction Sale. Contact Howard Rambur at 406-489-3255 for more information or visit www.ramburchar.com.

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