KRose Cattle Company strives to be the best marketer of the high quality calves raised here in the Western US. With three seperate avenues to market your calves, I have created the highest profitablity while allowing you to choose the direction your calves go. Rose Cattle Company offers country contract and through a partnership with Superior Livestock auction, can offer access to the largest video auctions nationally and the country classifieds

For anybody out there looking to buy great quality bred heifers look no further... The quality and disposition of the heifers at KRose Cattle Company are one of the best I have seen... They are great people to work with and very friendly...I will continue to do business with them and encourage anybody who is looking to buy heifers to do business with them as well...
— Joshua Royce
First heifer calved yesterday, had a heifer calf. Mother was as calm as could be. Thank you for sending us some quality and quiet heifers.
— Joe Gaffney