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Darla Bramwell, CattleVacBox, Colorado

My Name is Darla Bramwell. I’m a rancher/outfitter from Colorado. My husband and I have two boys, that were raised on a four generation cattle ranch.

In 2017, I had a bad snowmobile wreck and was laid up most of the winter. During this time I put my mind to work getting my idea of  the CattleVacBox into reality. As fourth generation ranchers, every part of the CattleVacBox is for a reason. From the beginning of patents, manufactures, and shipping, it was all a learning experience for me.

Two years ago I  was never even on social media. Now 26 months later, I have a social media presence, website, have sold over 7000 boxes, have 4 patents, a great manufacturer and best of all, it’s all done in the USA. My CattleVacBox was created out of a need to protect the vaccines, the animals, and the workers. Cattle vaccines are a crucial part of keeping our cattle healthy and they are very expensive. It is a great loss when vaccines are not properly stored and potentially compromised.

As producers, when we care for our cattle to the best of our ability we can ensure the consumer gets the best product possible. The CattleVacBox comes in two sizes so either size suits all livestock operations. We are an all in one vaccination station, made and designed for ranchers by ranchers. 

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