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Okay people…who is already freezing their butts off? The snow came early for us here in Montana and we have quickly been breaking out all the winter gear! 

Then it occurred to me…why not put together a list of Fall/Winter clothes that have simply just saved our butts out in rural America…pretty relatable right? I thought so too.  

So… I have put together a list of MUST have Winter clothes on the ranch and if you disagree or have some other things I forgot, feel free to let me know! 

15 Must Haves For Winter:

Artic Sport MuckBoots  

  I think we all can agree that the day gets a little tougher when our feet are little popsicles in our boots and sometimes those boots that seem “waterproof” but really aren’t. Instead, it’s worth it to spend the money on boots that will do the job and keep your feet warm 

Scotch Cap  
It’s remarkable how much heat leaves our body through our head and scalp! Plus those little ear flaps aka the ear savers. Once your ears start to get cold man they HURT! These caps have been around a long time and they have definitely proved themselves. Just ask your local rancher, I’m betting they’ve got a few.

Carhartt Coveralls 

 I like to think of these as the icing on the cake. Kind of just holds everything together and keeps everything in one spot. Plus on those wicked windy days these break the wind up for you and you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you have them!

Wool Socks- Darn Tough  

Cotton socks just don’t work in areas where it gets really cold. Our feet sweat and once those cotton socks absorb the tiniest bit of precipitation, game over!

Flannel Shirt  

Flannels have been around for decades and it’s no mystery why. Plus, it’s kind of like horses, you can never have too many right?

Flannel Lined Jeans- Men 

Flannel Lined Jeans- Women 

  If you prefer long underwear, go for it! These just provide that little extra layer!

Wild Rags- MT Wild Rags

It is amazing how much warmer you are when your neck is covered. You know those wind gusts that hit you JUST right in your neck and BOOM you’re freezing again? Not fun. I am all about supporting small rural businesses whenever possible and Montana Wild Rags is no exception. Better yet, the owners of the business are ranchers. Made by ranchers, for ranchers. Head on over to their website and see all the prints they have or make your own! 

Kinco’s Gloves 

There are a million different gloves on the market. But these have been my favorite and seem to be the go-to gloves across all my ranching buddies. In North West Montana, it gets cold, like bone chilling cold. Trust us, these are worth it!

Yak Trax 

I’m sure more than a few of us have displayed some exceptional ice skating demonstrations on those days where the temp hovers right around freezing and there is just enough ice on the ground to keep things interesting… But let’s eliminate that problem because it HURTS when you completely eat it out there ha! 

Thermal Base Layers

Men Top & Bottom Set

Women Top & Bottom Set

 This price point is great and has the reviews to back it up! You only make the mistake of wearing cotton a couple times before you realize that once you start sweating… it is IMPOSSIBLE for that fabric to dry and then you are cold the rest of the day. Not fun, don’t be that person!

Hand Warmers 

These are always so handy to have on hand in case you catch a chill or if your hands need a little help. Keep them in your pocket as a little escape for your hands and you’ll be glad you did! 

Stanley Thermos 

What good is coffee when it’s cold…in 10 degree weather? It’s not! 

Boot Dryers 

There’s nothing worse than thinking your boots dry over night than sticking your feet back into cold wet boots to start your morning. I don’t know how many cups of coffee it would take to help that situation but I’m betting a lot. So let’s not go there! We have a bunch of these at the ranch and you can bet that they are full at the end of the day! 

Polar Fleece Mid Layer 

Mid layers can make such a huge difference. Some people choose a thin down jacket which totally works as well. Personally I like the fleece because it’s less restrictive and man does it do it’s job!



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