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Hello my fellow agriculture supporting friend! I am so honored to be here on the KRose Company blog to share my story with you. Thanks in advance for your time, if you stick with me till the end, I promise you won’t regret it! 

My name is Loagan Robinson. My title? I am a first-generation rancher, podcaster and goal coach. Living in the beautiful state of Montana, I created (and host) The Ranching Brunette Podcast. This podcast was developed to help encourage and inspire my fellow aspiring first generation ranchers, as I go along on my journey, with one goal in mind: To Get America Ranching Again!

Get America Ranching Again is my mission statement and drive behind this passion project of mine. When I set out on my first generation ranching journey, I was met with a lot of negativity and nay-sayers, spitting out false beliefs that “ranching is a dying way of life” or “you can’t be a rancher unless you are born into a multi-generational operation” and many, many more. I couldn’t find much support anywhere and as I searched for knowledge and insight, I realized there wasn’t much of a community for us “first-geners”. This is where the idea hit me, literally taking my breath away and fueling me with excitement and drive. You see, it was on one of my long commutes to my day job that this idea so casually and gracefully slipped into my mind. I was spending part of my drive, in prayer and reflection, when I felt God place this on my heart. So simple, yet so profound…the weekly podcast and the mission behind Get America Ranching Again was created. 

This all happened in March of 2019. Since then, it’s been an amazing year of interviewing successful first-generation ranchers and incredible multi-generation ranchers on the podcast, learning unique things from both sides of the industry. I am forever grateful for each guest that comes on the show to pour value into us aspiring ranchers. Their time, encouragement and insight has been amazing! I truly am in awe at the support we have as newbies coming in to help strengthen and build our industry. It’s been a breath of fresh air to learn there are so many that want to encourage us. My weekly podcast is geared towards helping others start their operation from scratch, in this day and age. While it’s certainly a challenge, it is not impossible. However, there is something for everyone on the podcast, due to the variety of guests and their experiences. What has surprised me the most, is the amount of folks who listen in that are not in agriculture, but love to know what we do and want to support the industry.  

As far as my small, but ever-growing operation, my husband and I reside in a small ranching community on just under 100 acres. Sounds mighty small, doesn’t it? In the grand scheme of things, it certainly is. But for someone who started out with 3 acres, a cow and a dream, I feel incredibly blessed to have stepped up to the next level in my journey earlier this year, with the purchase of our mini mountain ranch.

On our humble homestead, I raise grass finished Angus, with the exception of one Scottish Highlander. I sell my beef direct to family, friends and my community. Each year, I grow my herd slowly but surely, as I am a firm believer in cash flowing my operation (as much as possible) to avoid too much debt, which I cover in detail throughout the podcast. In the meantime, I am enjoying learning and developing my skills as a cattlewoman.  

If you are interested in learning more about my journey and The Ranching Brunette Podcast, check out the website at There you will find the podcast, Get America Ranching Again apparel, as well as more services I offer our industry. If you are a fan of podcasts, you can find the show on Apple/iTunes podcast app, as well as, the Spotify app under: The Ranching Brunette. 

Ok, are you still with me? I thought so, and as promised I said you wouldn’t regret it! I am just about to launch my e-magazine, a complimentary digital magazine that will be sent out quarterly! To subscribe, simply head on over to my website and input your email when the opt in box pops up. This will automatically be sent to you with each release date. In addition, I am sharing a special discount code for all KRose Company supporters, with 20% off Get America Ranching Again apparel, just use code KROSE at checkout. Click Here to head on over!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about myself and my business, The Ranching Brunette, through this blog post and the Instagram stories today! I greatly appreciate your time and support. Lastly, a huge thank you to KRose Company for bringing our industry together through the blog and all the ways they serve us ranchers. It has been an honor to be featured here!


Loagan Robinson

The Ranching Brunette

Instagram: @theranchingbrunette  

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