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We are so excited to bring you Cody Creelman’s story. He is a prime example of the possibilities of what social media can do for your business. Although on a different scale, it is all relative. He has become such an inspiration to so many people, whether it be with their operation or in life as a mentor. 

He has grown his following organically by simply showing his day-to-day life as a cow veterinarian and family man. People were able to connect with him on both a professional and personal level which has brought some incredible opportunities his way! We hope you enjoy it!

From Dr. Cody Creelman:

My name is Dr. Cody Creelman and I am a former beef cattle veterinarian in Alberta, Canada. My father was a cattle buyer and mother was a rancher, so I grew up on a ranch and cows were everything that I knew. When I got into vet school I wasn’t completely sure if I was going to focus on beef cattle or go the route of typical rural mixed animal practice. I jumped into the large animal world specifically and became a partner at a practice shortly after. I became a beef cattle consultant so I had everything to do with the cow/calf and feedlot sector. My days consisted of preg testing, semen testing, post mortem diagnosis, consulting, research, and a lot of student mentorship.  

About two years into the practice when I became a partner, I was looking to find my niche and realized that I had some interest in doing some marketing. I began researching marketing in the digital age and becoming comfortable with Instagram and Twitter. Out of the three forms of media that exist, I noticed that I had a knack for video. With that I began chronologically story telling my day as a beef cattle vet through Snapchat and Vine. Both of those platforms were tough because there wasn’t much of a search algorithm and it was difficult for me to get distribution. At that time, it was becoming the era of the daily vlogger using YouTube. I had no video editing experience, audio changing, color correction or any video background but I was confident in my abilities to educate myself and one day I recorded video all day and told myself I would not leave until the video was uploaded. It was 3 am and the video was done and up on YouTube.  

My initial hope by diving into vlogging was to hyper localize my market for my veterinary services. I wanted to show people that I was providing high quality care, that I was a good person, and I wanted to be first in mind when someone was searching for a new vet. It worked really well because we were able to grow the practice significantly in clientele but also showed the different services I was doing on other ranches which made the practice expand its services as well. For example, pre-breeding palpations was a big one, so ultrasounding replacement heifers was something I had done at several large clients for years but it never really caught on as a practice wide thing. Once I started showing and sharing it, there was a huge amount of upsell within the existing clients because they were able to see the process start to finish.  

From a marketing perspective, things just started to take off from there. With it brought opportunities to speak at veterinary schools as an inspiration to future veterinarians which is something I never expected or even tried to place myself in that category. That being said there was a huge demographic with people who were fascinated with that type of lifestyle but more importantly there was always a positive spin on it. I became the guy who was able to humanize veterinary medicine by showing I was just a guy that was seemingly loved by his family, had work-life balance, had the dream job, and at the end of the day was able to smile. It wasn’t specific to people who were wanting to go into veterinary medicine, it became anyone who was at a crossroads in their life or in a place where they were making big life decisions. I was getting tons of messages telling me that because they saw me happy and passionate about what I was doing, they recognized that they needed to find that in their life so they went back to nursing school or grad school or whatever it may have been to make them take that step. I think a lot of it was allowing people to relate to your story whether it was when I was working my dream job or as of recently leaving my practice that I was a partner in, people relate to that as well because it’s real and authentic and it happens with everyone in all walks of life.  

I’m in another crossroads now because I have decided to leave my practice which is extremely bittersweet because I love my work, my clients, my staff, and everything that it involved but I am at a point where I have a clean slate now. I’m older and wiser now which has allowed me to realize one of my biggest flaws is that I’m prone to always jumping into the next thing and I could never just slow down and wait. I couldn’t wait to leave home when I was in high school and drove away the first second that I could, I began working at my vet job the first second that I could. This time is allowing me to slow down and figure out where I want to go next.   

I’ve started a digital consulting product called Cow Boss which is essentially going to be a series of 12 master classes, 2-3 hours long, video format where farmers and ranchers globally can login and receive high quality veterinary consulting. This is something that I have always wanted to do and be able to scale my abilities as a consultant beyond the confines of how far my truck can drive in a day. I’m super excited for this to come to fruition and help as many people as I can in a way I wasn’t able to before.   

The Cow Boss Membership is a unique program that provides cattle producers with actionable information, protocols, and health systems to improve production and reduce cost. You’ll gain access to monthly live training designed to give you the info you desperately need to grow your business. 

 Topics Include:  

  • Introduction to the Beef Cattle Industry (production types, beef market, economics) 
  • Brood Cow Management (BCS, breeding management, basic nutrition rules of thumb, cow performance metrics) 
  • Heifer Development (Selection, puberty, feeding, calving, and special care) 
  • Bull Selection (Genetics, nutrition, common health issues, vaccines and disease risk, selection and breeding soundness exam, bull use guidelines) 
  • Calf management (labor, dystocia, resuscitation, colostrum, newborn care, processing) 
  • Suckling Calf (castration, branding, vaccine, implant, dehorning, pain control, dewormer, creep feeding, common diseases) 
  • Weaning, Preconditioning, Backgrounding (Weaning methods, preconditioning, backgrounding vaccinations, implants, replacement heifer vaccination) 
  • Nutrition (ration formulation, rules of thumb, cold weather feeding, grazing management, stocking rates, weeds, water quality) 
  • Diseases (clinical signs, clostridial, respiratory, diarrhea, metabolic disease, repro disease, cancer, abscess, toxins, miscellaneous) 
  • SOPs and drug administration ( techniques, hygiene, biosecurity) 
  • Parasite Control 
  • Handling Facilities (Behavior, corrals, chutes, housing, pasture fencing)

You can check it out on my website here!

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