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This past week, the KRose team spent the week at the MT Angus Tour that was based out of Missoula! We saw some great operations, great cattle, and met some even better people.  Here’s where we went! 

Wednesday September 18

Tour Stop 1: Rafter E Angus and Krantz Angus in Ronan, MT 

Tour Stop 2: LK Bar Angus and Blevins Angus Ranch in Ronan, MT 

Tour Stop 3: Coleman Angus in Charlo, MT 

Tour Stop 4: Springvale Ranch and Black Pine Farm in Hot Springs, MT 

Tour Stop 5: Montana Ranch Angus in Bigfork, MT 

Thursday September 19 

Tour Stop 1: 3C Cattle, Genetic Connection, McFadgen Angus, Wilson Scotch Mountain, and Warner Angus in Stevensville, MT 

Tour Stop 2: Never Sweat Ranch, Reddin Angus, Trexler Angus Ranch, and Younkin Angus in Hamilton, MT 

Tour Stop 3: Skinner Ranch Seedstock in Hall, MT 

It was a whirlwind of a couple days but we were so impressed with each display! 

We tracked down this year’s coordinator, Lacey Sutherlin, and asked her a few questions about what the MT Angus Tour does for MT Angus Association and here’s what she had to say… 

The biggest part about this tour is that it’s a tradition that has been going on for over 40 years that gives Montana angus producers a chance to promote their cattle to the angus industry as a whole because this year, we have people from 36 states and two other countries! It allows them to display genetics, get new ideas for their operations, network with producers, and just get people together.  

Having so many different states represented here, it allows producers to really display their operations to people who may do things completely different as well as promote Certified Angus Beef going back to the commercial producers hoping to get a better price for them so it really just helps the entire cycle both nationally and internationally.  

This year we really pushed the seams for attendance and we grew it by about 100 this year which is super exciting. It’s really all about the producers and helping them promote their sales and their cattle so it’s really great that it has grown so much this year.  

I was a stop along the way and it was pretty impressive to stand on my porch and see everyone in my backyard looking at our cattle and operation. We invited some of the commercial guys to come and look at our bulls while they were on display so it was pretty great to increase our marketing and networking this year.  

We market our cattle the first Saturday in March in Stevensville, MT. The Sale is called Bulls of the Bitterroot. We also market some registered females in a few different sales and market females in the NILE so be on the lookout! 

We want to thank Lacey for everything she has done for this years MT Angus Tour, it was such a great turnout and we had so fun meeting all of you!

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