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We see you. We see how low the cattle market has been. We see how much uncertainty there is moving forward for those who have not contracted their calves. It is Labor Day and we know that as farmers and ranchers, no matter the income, the work is still the same. We know that you see no holidays because no matter what day it is, the work still has to get done. We see you laboring on Labor Day to make sure you don’t fall behind and we appreciate you. Each and every one of you is so important.  

Between the unforgiving snow storms this winter to the flooding this summer and now wildfires. It seems as though there hasn’t been a break but you have kept your head up and nose to the grindstone. Because that is who you are and that is what you do. We appreciate you.  

Because our consumers are so far removed from the products, they don’t understand. We know that only adds pressure and frustration. We see you. We need you. You are a literal life source whether the general public sees or not. Keep going.    

While you might be home working in the fields you are certainly not alone. There are thousands of us supporting you, rooting for you, and praying for you. This is just a season. It will get better. And we will be able to feed the world with the most safe, affordable, and nutritious. 

In our great nation, we are all so incredibly blessed with all the opportunities we have, full refrigerators, healthy families, and many more.  

We see you. We appreciate you. You are all our superheroes.  

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We know you don’t hear it enough.

Have a wonderful Labor Day with your family and friends. 

The KRose Team

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