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How to Utilize Digital Marketing Efficiently 

The technology boom of our generation has changed most businesses in a lot of ways. For some, it has completely altered how things used to be done. For production sale marketing, some of the old tricks are still useful, but they aren’t enough. It’s crucial to utilize digital marketing, and you will fall behind if you don’t catch up with technology. 

Let’s talk about how to use online marketing, and how to better use some of the traditional methods like print. 


You need to have an email list. Social media platforms are unstable. We’ve seen it just recently (again) when users couldn’t view images on Facebook and Instagram. You don’t want to rely on these platforms fully, even though they are very useful. Email is the third most influential source of information for biz to biz audiences. Colleague recommendations and industry-specific thought leaders are the only two factors that are more influential. 

Some quick stats: 

  • 86 percent of business professionals prefer email when communicating for business reasons. 
  • Click through rates are 47 percent higher for business to business  (B2B) email campaigns than business to consumer (B2C) email campaigns. 
  • 59 percent of B2B marketers cite email as their most effective channel for revenue generation. 
  • 56 percent of brands using an emoji in the email subject line had a higher open rate (according to an Experian report) 
  • Tuesday is the best weekday to send emails according to 10 email marketing studies. 

Clearly, email is essential for your business. If you don’t have an email list, start growing one today. 

Digital Marketing

People prefer video to photos, it’s been proven time and again. About half our audience prefers digital catalogs because they like to download them on mobile and easily view them. The other half buy bulls in March because they need private treaty details ready by then and/or they have a private treaty catalog on their website to view videos.
Make sure your website is mobile friendly. 80 percent of website views are mobile. You need good video, which means muscle definition shots for cattle and showing how they walk. These videos should be 30 seconds without repeat, allowing the audience to view the bull. 


Catalogs are not going out of style anytime soon. You should have an online strategy, but printed catalogs are also a must. We see a lot of catalogs being returned because of a wrong address. Here’s our tip: Send out a cheap postcard months in advance with a save the date, our sale is coming up and this is what we offer. When you get the “return to sender” pile, you can slim down your list and eliminate wasting catalogs. 


You need a website, but more specifically you need a functional, user friendly website. The biggest problem we see with production sale websites is dysfunction. The videos or pictures aren’t there, or the links don’t send us to the right place. Either way, if the website isn’t easy to use, a consumer will move on to something easier. 


Targeting the right audience is crucial on Facebook. Often when anti-agriculture comments are posted on production sale ads, it means the right people weren’t targeted. You can monitor your ads and specify who you want to see them through Facebook ads. You aren’t locked into an ad, either. If you let an ad run for 48 hours and it isn’t producing the results you want, you can just turn it off and try a different ad.
Use action language in your ads. You want viewers to comment, share, and message. Tell the viewer what you offer and what you want them to do (like, share, click on the link, etc.) 

When you post videos on Facebook, upload the actual video rather than dropping a link. 

If you missed it, make sure to check out our blog on the most common production sale mistakes.

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